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Seek Thermal Imaging Cameras - Reveal  
Seek Thermal Imaging Cameras - Compact PRO 
FoxFury Forensic Lighting and torches 
Akron Brass ProVenger Out Now Firefighting Nozzles 
The Aspis by Big Red Truck Now Available
Tarpaulin Storm Clips
BATfan Postive Pressure Ventilation Fans PPV Now Available!
Foxfury Nomad Scene Lighting
Tohatsu Fire Fighting Pumps




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BRT Fire and Rescue Supplies invite you to browse our extensive product range of fire and rescue products sourced from quality local and international manufacturers. We supple state and industrial fire departments across Australia by offering an extensive range of fire fighting pumps, nozzles, monitors, LED scene and safety lighting for bushfire and structural operations. Our products are sourced globally from world renowned manufacturers such as; Akron Brass, Scotty Fire Fighter, Vallfirist, Cutters Edge, Tohatsu Fire Pumps, Nightstick as well as our own Big Red Truck products which are made in Australia.

Our company exists to be a tested, proved and trusted supplier of fire and rescue equipment. Fire and Rescue personnel rely on our expertise and experience that delivers confidence, performance and reliablitly in dangerous life and death situations, where every second counts.

As we approach our 20th Anniversary, BRT Fire and Rescue Supplies continues to maintain our vision to be the leader of our industry in quality, innovation and technology.

This website is frequently updated to provide the most accurate, informative and education information provided by the manufacturers we represent. The website is also the home of BIG RED TRUCK, BRT's own range of quality and innovative products. You can also find us and keep up to date with new product updates and special offers with our Facebook and YouTube pages. Visitors to this site are also invited to sign up to our Cooee Newsletter providing the latest product updates and equipment releases.

BRT Fire and Rescue Supplies; the trusted brand in Fire and Rescue Equipment.